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I decided to try out the Prescription Lab beauty subscription box after having my eye on it for the last while. They are a French cosmetics brand who work with top brands to curate a high quality and inexpensive beauty box.

I chose to join this month because they had an irresistible deal on. They were including a teeshirt from an up and coming fashion brand, hence the theme of this months box. “Mode trotter”. On top of that, they were offering an Armani Beauty lipstick worth a whopping 36 EURO!!! Considering the box only costs EUR 20.78, that is a real bargain.

The Armani lipstick is for new subscribers so I figured now was a good time to order. I really liked the look of the other products too and they all seemed to have good reviews online. One of the main things that appealed to me about Prescription Lab is that they tend to promote natural skincare. I am a huge natural skincare fan so that suits me well.

Prescription Lab box contents

You can order a single box, without engagement or else a 3 month, 6 month or yearly subscription. There are obviously perks for joining up over the longer period but I chose to order the one box without engagement. I am already interested in a few other subscription boxes at the moment so I will keep an eye out for the spoilers and see if I fancy repurchasing or not.

So far, I am really impressed! Here is what I got in the April Prescription Lab beauty subscription box –

L'Odiates makeup remover from Prescription Labs subscription box

1 L’Odiates Pure Merveille natural makeup remover. This is like a micellar lotion and it smells really nice. It got plenty of 5 star reviews online so I was happy to try it. It is very refreshing and cooling. It does a great job of removing eye makeup. I have only used it a few times as I normally use an oil cleanser for makeup removal but when I do wear eye makeup I will use this. It is gentle and non-irritating. It feels good and does the job.

Happy to have this in my bathroom for quick eye makeup removal after a night out or any other time I wear mascara. I prefer this kind of makeup remover for eye makeup removal so thumbs up!!! It is quite a popular, expensive brand so very happy to receive this.

Prescription Labs hand wash

2 Orange Flower and Olive exfoliating hand wash by Prescription Lab. So as I mentioned before, Prescription Lab are a cosmetic brand and they always provide one of their own brand items in each months box. It is a large 225ml bottle with a pump.

It is a nice looking bottle with classy branding so it looks great in the bathroom on my sink. It exfoliates hands gently and smells nice. Happy to have a luxury hand wash. Really liking the brand so far.

3 Sanoflore Aromatic Night Mask. Another lovely natural brand, this sample is a handy size and a good way to try before you buy. Sanoflore are another popular brand with many top reviews online. The average face masks comes in at around EUR 20 so I love having the opportunity to try before buying. You leave the mask on overnight and it is very soothing. It is a rich cream that glides on and you only need a small amount. You get a lovely aroma and it lingers so it is a nice pamper before bed.

Prescription Labs white Folie Douce Teeshirt

4 Mode Trotter Teeshirt “Folie Douce” in collaboration with Prescription Lab. This is a good size white cotton teeshirt with the red logo Folie Douce. The teeshirt retails at over EUR 30 in their online shop so again, quids in!!

I love a nice casual white tee so yeah, I am pretty happy with that! It is nice and big too so comfy and cool for summer.

5 Georgio Armani Lip Magnet Second Skin Intense Matte Lipcolor in Adrenaline 603. Well, I have never owned a lipstick this expensive before so I feel quite posh now. Also, smug since it was basically free! It lives up to the expectations of a 36 EURO lipstick. It gives a beautiful colour (Adrenaline 603) which is a dazzling red with pink undertones.

It has an unusual applicator and seems like a lip stain going on. It turns to a matte within a minute or so but its not a dry matte, it is a lovely finish. You can blot it a bit if you don’t want the full on red lips and it is extremely wearable. It didn’t dry out my lips at all and stayed in place most of the day. Fab product!

Armani lipcolor applicator

All in all, I loved the Prescription Lab beauty subscription box! What an absolute bargain. What are you waiting for? Grab your April box now and avail of the free lippy while it lasts! Do make sure it is still available though so as not to be disappointed. Here is a swatch of it on my hand for an idea of the colour…

a Georgio Armani red lipstick swatch on hand - deep red fading into pink

You even fill out a questionnaire on your personal profile account which helps them tailor the best products to suit you, such as skin type, skin issues, hair and skin colour etc. I think that is a really fab plus point! So stay tuned for more Prescription Lab beauty subscription box reviews on here, I think I will be back with more!

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