Glossybox France April 2019 Review


So I went ahead and ordered Glossybox for the first time ever. I have been trying out some new subscription boxes lately and we have moved to France so I am checking out the best ones available to me here. Therefore, here is my Glossybox France April 2019 review!

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Glossybox has been on my radar for quite some time now and they often have these amazing boxes with brilliant products so I keep my eyes peeled. I didn’t realise that actually the contents vary from country to country, unlike Look Fantastic or other boxes who ship worldwide so that makes the Glossybox France review different than ones you may have read about for the month of April.

I was chuffed to discover that the box only costs EUR 15.50 and they often have a deal on or coupon code so I got mine even cheaper, like 12.50! So do keep an eye out for those specials.

I was blown away by the value and high quality of the contents in my Glossybox France April box! I often get subscription boxes since i have a little obsession with them but I have to say, I usually find one or 2 of the products are not amazing. I loved every single product in the Glossybox France April edition. 

Glossybox April 2019 contents in box

I was overjoyed to see the variety of the contents too. There is a pretty little eyeshadow quad (my ideal colouring-yay!), a hair serum, a tinted lip and cheek balm, a face mask and a nail varnish. All high quality and top brands. Love this box so far!

So the box arrived and I opened it immediately since I was so excited. I do love when a little box of goodies arrives all wrapped up, it feels like your birthday! First impressions of the box was it is sooo pretty! It is a gorgeous pink box that is wrapped in pink tissue with a black bow and branded sticker. I love when the boxes are cute so you can keep them for storage. Inside is a lovely pattern and black paper as seen here –

Glossybox wrapping with bow

First product to catch my eye was the Dr Paw Paw Tinted Lip Balm. I got the colour Outrageous Orange. I wasn’t sure how this would look since it is orange after all! Basically it is a really great colour on me. I never would have tried a bold colour like this under normal circumstances but it really is lovely.

I only use a small amount since otherwise it might be a little neon looking! I have been wearing it out during the day and everything, I think it is pretty cool and summery. I even pop a little on my cheeks. Paw Paw has been heralded as a natural healing balm for many years so I am chuffed to have this handy balm on me.

Glossybox France Orange Paw Paw balm

Next product I spotted was the Dr Botanicals Pomegranate Superfood Regenerating Sleeping Mask. I have heard many a rave review about this face mask and I recognised it immediately. Being a natural skincare fanatic this really appealed to me. It contains no parabens and is vegan and cruelty free.

Dr Botanicals Po Pomegranate face mask

It is full of antioxidants which nourish skin. You leave it on overnight and can use 3 times a week. I tried it last night and it felt light on my skin. I didn’t notice any ground-breaking difference in my skins appearance but will see in time…

Glossybox Orzya Eye shadow quad

I was really happy to see a little eyeshadow quad by Oryza, Nude Shimmer & Colour Eyeshadow Palette. There are four neutral colours but they are incredible to work with.

The brown contour is really richly pigmented and honestly amazing. The champagne colour is a deep shimmer, there is a rose glow hue which is pretty and then the coppery bronze is fab.

Oryza Eyeshadow swatches on arm

I love this little palette and I have been wearing it every day. I don’t normally spend much time on eyeshadow as I am not very good at it but the contouring has begun! I am now doing eyeshadow contouring daily. It takes me around one minute but it’s a fun thing to play around with.

Swell hair serum in Glossybox France

Being a hair product junkie, I was over the moon to see a top brand hair serum in the Glossybox France April box. Swell is a brand I have been seeing mentioned on a few blogs and in magazines lately. I have curly hair and it has been mentioned on a few curly hair forums as being a good brand. It smells gorgeous and it gives plenty of volume, hence the name, Swell.

It is silicone-free and protects the hair from heat tools while taming frizz and concealing split-ends. You apply it from mid-length to the ends sparingly as a little goes a long way. It costs EUR24 for 50mls so the fact that the sample is 30mls I am really delighted to get this. A great way to try before you buy!

USLU nail polish mini

So last but not least, an USLU Airlines Half Transparent Nail Polish. Founded by Feride Uslu, Uslu Airlines is a luxury brand. Feride has worked with the best hair and makeup artists, high fashion brands and prestigious magazines such as Vogue, Glamour and more. The semi-transparent tinted nail varnish looks great and has a high shine. This is a great nail polish for everyday use. 

Nailvarnish on hand over Glossybox

All in all, I absolutely loved the Glossybox France April box. Considering it only cost me just over a tenner, I am on to a good thing! Stay tuned for more Glossybox reviews. Granted, my reviews will be on the Glossybox France for now, but Glossybox is available in many countries with equally fab contents available aswell as limited edition boxes worth checking out! I know a lot of my readers are in the UK, Ireland and US so do have a look at the Glossybox yourself here from only £8.50 a month!! >> Browse Glossybox

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