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So I decided to splurge a little on Sunday Riley’s best sellers with Mintd box this month. I know a bargain when I see one so I grabbed this limited edition box with both hands when I spotted it!

Sunday Riley is a cult skincare brand with a huge fan base. You have probably heard of the famous “Good Genes” glycolic acid treatment, as it is hailed as a hero product and holy-grail item among many.

Mind box Sunday Riley limited editionTo be honest, I would never dream of spending 100 quid on a skincare product under normal circumstances but people swear by these products so I bit the bullet and bought Mintd box Sunday Riley edition to see what all the fuss was about.

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It was a pretty special deal considering the box includes 5 of the Sunday Riley best sellers for 110 EUR. I mean the Good Genes alone costs almost that alone, and the box includes a full-size Auto-Correct eye cream, C.E.O Glow (new product – super deluxe size worth £34), super deluxe size samples of the Ceramic Slip cleanser and also the Tidal moisturiser.

5 of Sunday Riley's bestsellers in box

So basically, you have a whole set of face care in the box. I was happy to have the opportunity to try all 5 products together since I have heard so many rave reviews online about Sunday Riley skincare. 

For the last two days I have been sporting a full face of Sunday Riley products and I have to say I am impressed already! The products are lovely, they go on easily and feel lovely and calming on tired skin.

The Ceramic Slip Cleanser is a lovely consistency, it feels very hydrating and removes makeup well. It is a deep-cleansing plant-based formulation which gives a clean, radiant complexion. It contains French green clay which helps lift impurities from the skin. Really nice.

Best seller Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip cleanser

I have been using the Good Genes in the morning, letting that sink in, then following with the C.E.O Glow and Auto-Correct eye cream. Once I have had my breakfast I apply the Tidal moisturiser and finally, just before I do my makeup, my SPF.

It is important to use a good quality sunscreen with SPF 30+ since the glycolic acid makes skin more photo-sensitive so you need a high SPF. The Good Genes contains purified glycolic acid for deep exfoliation and skin repair. It also contains fermented prickly pear extract which is soothing, especially for sensitive skin types and lemongrass extract. The AHA formulation breaks apart pore-clogging debris to reveal radiant and healthier skin. It helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, sun damaged and congested skin.

Cult best seller "Good Genes" Glycolic acid treatment by Sunday Riley

Currently, I am using retinol at night so I skip the Good Genes at bed time, although if not using retinol you can use it AM and PM. Retinol and glycolic acid are best used separately, according to experts. 

C.E.O Glow is a gorgeous-smelling orange liquid which contains advanced vitamin C (THD Ascorbate) with turmeric and evening primrose oil. This lovely blend brightens skin tone and hydrates. Best of all, it gives a really beautiful glow! It goes on well and absorbs quickly. I definitely noticed the glow. Bear in mind, make up application may need extra powder as it is a tad oily for oilier skin types. 

CEO Glow vit c and turmeric face oil by Sunday Riley

The Tidal brightening water enzyme cream moisturiser is a watery, cream-gel type consistency. It is super hydrating and feels so good on tired skin. It is refreshing and contains two forms of hyaluronic acid. Tamarind extract hydrates and plumps. Papaya enzymes help smooth and exfoliate and alpha-arbutin brightens the appearance of hyper-pigmentation and dark spots. Apparently it increases hydration by up to 68% in 15 minutes (for up to 24 hours of moisture). Pretty cool.

Tidal cream best seller by Sunday Riley

So last but not least, the Auto-Correct eye cream. It brightens and de-puffs. I don’t really have a problem with puffy eyes but in the past I have noticed when using eye creams they can actually give me puffiness around the eyes. I was a little unsure how the cream would fare but I was very pleasantly surprised. It definitely made my dark undereye area brighter! This is a luxury product and there were some mixed reviews online. I was sceptical but really I am impressed! I notice a definite improvement. I use this at night after my retinol serum too.

Auto correct eye cream by Sunday Riley

All in all, I have noticed my skin having reduced pores, brighter and more even skin tone in general after only 2 days using Sunday Riley’s best sellers! I am so happy I bought the limited edition Mintd box! I can now see what all the fuss surrounding Sunday Riley skincare is. 

I think I will definitely be re-purchasing and even trying new products from the range. I have heard some great reports about the Luna facial oil so stay tuned for more Sunday Riley skincare reviews. 

Sunday Riley best sellers in Mind box

I recommend the Mintd box too, they have some really great boxes and products every month. Will be keeping an eye out! 

So if you want to order, get in quick as these limited edition boxes sell out super-fast. It is easy to see why! If you want to buy the Sunday Riley Mintd box you can get the limited edition box for £90 + P&P. Here is a referral code > MINTD BOX

Let us know if you have tried any of the products yourself or if you get the box, let us know your verdict!

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