Too Faced Peaches n Cream Review and Swatches

Hello everyone!

Today’s post will be all about a beautiful birthday present I got. My parents gave it to me, but a friend of mine got it from Canada, because the products aren’t available here in Europe. That makes it even more special! It is the Peaches and Cream collection by Too Faced! 


It is the beautiful Peaches and Cream collection by Too Faced. Of course, I didn’t get the complete collection (that would be way too much, although I wouldn’t be mad though). I got the Sweetie Pie bronzer and the Just Peachy Mattes palette.

Look how stunning that collection is! The packaging alone is extremely gorgeous. I love how Too Faced pays so much attention to its packaging, because it really gives a product the finishing touch.

The Sweetie Pie bronzer comes in a pink tin packaging and two little hearts to open and close the product. When you open it up, you see the most beautiful pattern a bronzer has ever had. There are two bronzer shades, a highlighter and a blush inside this woven pattern.

When you use it, it gives you a beautiful bronze glow. It is a combination of a bronzer, blush and highlighter so you can use this one perfectly on its own. It gives you a very natural look. I am a big fan of this product, and I will use it a lot!

The second product I got from the Peaches and Cream collection is the Just Peachy Mattes palette. As the name gives away, the shades are all matte. I think that is perfect for a natural, daily look. That is the reason why I really wanted this palette. The packaging is similar to the Sweetie Pie bronzer.

When you open it up, you see all of these beautiful peachy shades inside. There are brown peachy shades, pink peachy shades and dark peachy shades. Also, the palette has an incredibly good smell. It isn’t the same to the other peach palette I got, it is kind of sweeter. I love it so much!

I already created some looks using this palette and the looks also features me wearing the Sweetie Pie bronzer. In my next post, you will be able to discover the looks I came up with using these two beauties!

Next up are some swatches of the palette. I already apologize for the lack of quality of some photos, but the swatches are still visible I think. So here we go!

Peach Meringue

Peach Butter

Peaches and cream

Peach Tea

Just Peachy

Fresh Picked

Peach Cobbler

Peach Punch

Peach Sangria

Peach Tart

Just Ripe

Chocolate Dipped

That’s it for this post everyone! I hope you enjoyed reading and the beauty of these products. Would you consider getting anything from the Peaches and cream collection?

See you next time! 

Your Belgian blogger,

xoxo, Tessa

Disclaimer: These are my own pictures. All opinions are my own.

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