I once read a travel guide about Paris and that you should only focus on one neighborhood and make it your own while you are there. I really like this idea and it got me inspired to do a post on my own in the same kind of way. First up is old town in Stockholm or gamla stan as it is called in Swedish.  I really like this part of our capital because of the small and cosy streets and historical buildings. It might be a little touristy at times but its still worth to check out. Here are some of my suggestions if you are passing by.

Where to stay? 

Mälardrottningen: How cool isn’t it to stay on a boat right in the middle of Riddarfjärden. This old ship actually used to sail between Finland and Stockholm but since the 1980 it has been a hotel. Its docked right next to old town and you will have an amazing view of city if you stay here. It might not be the most spacious rooms you have ever stayed in but they make up for it in charm. The cabins are dark and and simple but you still have modern essentials like wi-fi.


Time for a coffee?

Fabrique: This is actually a chain that have several coffee places in Stockholm and one of them is located on Lilla Nygatan in Old Town. Everything is freshly made and the bread and cakes are amazing. That being said, We Swede love our fika and there is defiantly no shortage of great cafes in this city. No matter where you walk you will walk across some places that you will just think to yourself “I have to remember that one”.

Where to shop?

Made in Stockholm: This is a cute little store that sells everything from glas and jewelry to knifes and textiles. What I love about this store is that they support local designers in the Stockholm area. (which the name might have given away). You have the ability to find some truly unique pieces in the store and the staff is more then happy to give you a helping hand.

Where to eat?

Österlånggatan 17: I love everything about this place, the house its located in, the interior inside and the food of course. It is also a place where you can enjoy yourself without worrying to much of the prices on the menu. Old town doesn’t have as high status as some other neighborhoods in our capital but there is something special about it. If you are lucky to visit on a day when the weather is actually pleasant you can also enjoy their nice outdoor seating area. When it comes to the food you can choose both between salads, fish and meat.

Time for a drink?

Gaston Winebar: If you are looking to dance all night there are certainly better places to go in town. But if you just wanna relax with a few glasses of wine this place will be perfect. Here you have a great selesction of wines in a very relaxed setting. The places is very nicely decorated and they also have some snacks to go along with the wine.


I hope I have given you some great tips. I really enjoy writing these kind of posts and I will probably do more of them in future.

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