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Who are Oh My Glitter? 

I discovered indie makeup brand Oh My Glitter through the various Facebook makeup groups. Oh My Glitter is run by the lovely Robyn and I saw her makeup being recommended by lots of people, with many of my friends being loyal customers of hers. She is well known for her mystery packages and I snapped one up in September and was blown away by the attention to detail, care and love that had gone into the mystery box, it was an absolute treat to open it and I felt spoilt. 

Mystery Box – Game of Thrones addition 

This is my second mystery box purchase, I was impressed with the last box I got in October that I ordered this box as soon as it was available. Robyn from Oh My Glitter only releases a limited amount of her mystery boxes and they are available on the following dates; 

Boxes will be on sale every 2 months as follows: 

1st of March for delivery between 1st and the 11th of April 

1st of May for delivery between 1st and the 11th of June 

1st of July for delivery between 1st and 11th of August 

1st of September for delivery between 1st and the 11th of October 

I already knew that this box was not  Christmas themed as I am a member of the Oh My Glitter group on Facebook, I was so excited to find out what the theme to the box was. I had no idea I would be so excited to see that it had a ‘Game of Thrones’ theme. I do not watch the show (Mr T does) but I love fantasy/medieval themed items and this did not disappoint. I love the attention to detail that Robyn has put into the box, from the packaging and quality of her products to the names that match the theme.

Fire and Ice Palette 

This is the absolute highlight of the mystery box for me; I adore the packaging as it is one of a kind. Also the eyeshadows in the palette are stunning and vibrant in terms of colour and pigmentation. This selection of eyeshadows lives up to the name ‘Fire and Ice’ with its wide variety of shades; yellows and oranges through to blues and silvers. I love how this palette caters to the current trend of warm eyeshadow but also has other options thrown into the mix if you did not want a full-on warm toned eye look. 

Having swatched them I think Black Fyre and Hearts Bane would work for a bold, dramatic look and Widows Wall, Lady Forlorn and Oath Keeper would go together well. I feel like Widows Wall and Long Claw would make an epic vampy look. The majority of this palette comprises foiled/shimmer shades but do not fret, there are two matte shades, Dark Sister and Widows Wall that will cover your needs; if you are like me, you already have a ton of transition shades to suit any eye look. 

I thought I would set myself a challenge to do a fire and Ice inspired look so I did half my face as fire and half as ice, I enjoyed creating this look as I love doing makeup challenges and competitions. 

Lipgloss in Melisandre 

When I saw the packaging I thought at first it was a deep red shade, when I opened the lip gloss and discovered that this is, in fact, a deep pink/red with a golden sparkle to it I was pleasantly surprised. This lipstick is unlike any lipstick shade I have ever seen and it is so unique, the colour is vibrant and bright while the added golden sparkle makes it such a multi-faceted lip colour. 

Pressed glitter in Queens Guard and Night King 

I love that the two pressed glitters are polar opposites, like fire and ice. In my opinion, if you buy just two pressed glitters, it has to be a gold and a silver as you will be able to match them with any makeup look; the gold will compliment warm eyeshadows and the silver will go with more cooler tones. I wore ‘Queens Guard’ with my Christmas Eve makeup look and it made the look pop; the mixture of gold with iridescent green flecks went perfect with the gold and green look I did. Night King is an icy blue/silver with gold flecks mixed in and would be perfect over the blue smoky eye I did in my Bring on the Party Looks. These glitters apply without the need of any glitter glue and you can just use a clean finger or brush to apply them, the glitter is  fine and builds up well without getting patchy.

Loose Highlighter White Walker 

As I said earlier, I do not watch Game of Thrones but I instantly knew that this reference was correct, I think everyone has heard of a white walker, it is synonymous with the program just as much as the phrase ‘winter is coming’ and dragons. This loose highlight is pure icy magic and would be perfect for the inner corner, cupids bow and brow bone highlights. This highlight glistens and sparkles and is a great addition to my highlighter collection. I feel that highlighters have become my new obsession, my inner magpie dragging me towards this lovely specimen of shininess. 

Makeup Brushes 

These are on display on top of my makeup unit, they are awesome and I am quite happy to have these as display items rather than use them, they are so weighty and beautiful. I love the old, bronzed look of these brushes and the attention to detail on the actual handles. I think I will get a deep frame and make a custom piece of artwork with the brushes and some makeup packaging and put a makeup quote on using scrabble letters. I have so many generic makeup brushes that I feel like these should be used for something special. 

OMG mermaid lashes 

False lashes are a product that I have not used many times, as a glasses wearer I find that lashes are too long and they rub up against my lenses. However, I have started to embrace them and I have been cutting them down shorter so that I can at least have them as half lashes. I like these lashes because they are more natural and do not look like I would have much of a problem wearing them. I just need the right occasion to wear them so I can bring on the party makeup and show them off in their full glory. 

What is your favourite product out of this mystery box, let me know in the comments and if you would like to see more mystery boxes from Oh My Glitter. 

Ciao for now beauties xx 


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