Awesome Primark and Superdrug Haul!


By Life With Mrs T

Why do a collective haul?
The simple reason for this is for productivity reasons. At my current rate of two posts a week I have realised that I do not have the space for as many hauls. The frequency of haul posts is alerting me to the fact that I have a slight shopping obsession. In the next few months I am hoping to reduce my little shopping expeditions. This may be the last haul post for some time. Yet, knowing myself I will fail in epic fashion the next time I see some wonderful makeup or I have had a bad week. This time I have been delving in the aisles of Superdrugand Primark; let the haul commence.


Make-up Revolution conceal and define concealer
This has to be the most hyped product release of January. The whole beauty community, from YouTube to Facebook, are raving about this £4 dupe for the Tarte’s Shape Tape concealer. I shall not be purchasing any products from Tarte due to ethical reasons so I jumped at the chance to pick this little beauty up.
I picked the lightest shade that they have to offer in C1 and it is a good match for my very pale complexion. It is a great neutral concealer that covers my imperfections and highlights. The great news is that Makeup Revolution will be releasing even more shades, including a white based shade.

Make-up Revolution iconic division palette
When I saw this palette on the makeup groups on Facebook, I knew I immediately had to get my grabby little fingers on this. After the controversy surrounding the Anastacia Beverly Hills Subculture palette. I swore I would not purchase it. This is in spite of loving the colours. This palette is a spot-on dupe for the Subculture palette at a fraction of the price and with a formula that is usable for everyone. There are people that would argue that duping palettes on purpose is unethical. However, I believe that Makeup Revolution and other dupe brands are making makeup more accessible to people on a tight budget. It also reduces the risk of people buying fakes as an alternative. I have been playing with this palette a little and I am not quite sure what my verdict is on it. I created a look with the dark greens and found them a bit hard to blend. On the other hand I also did a gold/orange/mustard look which worked better. I have not lost out on anything by buying this because at £4 it is a true bargain. I have been pairing it with the Mint Chocolate bar palette and they complement each other very well.

Sleek CC cream in fair
I have come to realise over the past few months that my skin is changing. Wrinkles are starting to become more obvious with my heavy coverage foundation emphasising my age. With spring around the corner, I thought I would try a lighter alternative to a full coverage foundation and opt for CC cream. Over the past few months I have started to take much better care of my skin. I have started implementing a skincare routine, hoping that this will help me appear brighter and more youthful. I am quite fortunate that I have clear skin; the only issue I have being my bright red cheeks caused by Rosacea. I hope that the new skincare will help with these issues. I have not tried this CC cream yet and I am not sure that it is light enough for me but I will keep my fingers crossed.

MUA Eye Define mascara
Having found out that one of my holy grail mascara’s, the PS Lash Out seems to have been discontinued I am on the search for a new mascara. I spent a considerable amount of time looking through Superdrug at the different mascaras. The wands is the most important factor for my choice. I do not like plastic or rubber mascara wands and love thick, natural bristled wands that make your lashes look like they have volume. I have yet to try this out but I am sure that I will be bringing a review to you in the near future.


Pure Glow highlight palette
I’ve been hearing some amazing things about Primark highlighters. So, I could not pass the chance up to get this highlight palette. It looks very similar in style and colours to the Anastacia Beverly Hills highlighter palettes. This makes it an ideal product to compare. I will be able to use all the shades in the palette as I intend to use the gold highlighter as eyeshadow.

P.S blush in Adore
I picked this up because I wanted to do a post where I featured a full face of Primark makeup. This was one of the things that I was missing, a blush. I picked this colour up because it is a standard shade that suits my skin tone. Rosy and mauve blushes complimenting the coolness of my skin. I again have not tried this yet, as I am trying to use up a blush as part of my project pan. I will get around to it soon and may do a whole review on my Primark face of makeup.

PS Eyeconic Eyeliner Pen
This is my holy grail eyeliner pen, I love it so much I buy backups every time I go into Primark. They have recently upped their price from 1 to 1.50 but it is still fantastic value. Considering the hyped Kat Von D tattoo liner is £16 and from the look at the brush these are similar and a true bargain item. This liner pen has such a lovely and flexible thin brush that makes doing my eyeliner such a simple task and I never regret using this one. The only thing is I would love them to do a waterproof version as it does smudge a little bit if your eyes water.

P.S nail polish in lilac haze and turquoise dream
I picked these up in anticipation for the coming spring, a season that I love. New life starts to grow and show itself in the most beautiful colours. With my two favourite colours being green and purple, I could not miss out on these two little gems. Lilac is such a beautiful colour for the spring. It always reminds me of crisp mornings and spring bulbs flowering, I cannot wait to try this out. The green is not as spring like as I would have liked. However, the colour does look beautiful, it has a gold sheen to it that makes it more unusual.

Amber Noir perfume
After loving the new Primark perfumes that I got in my last haul, I knew I would have to get my hands on some more of these scents. You get so much perfume for your money and the great thing is that they last all day. I am glad that I only picked up the 30ml versions of these perfumes as I am not as keen on them as I was my Mandarin and Basil perfume. This perfume is much heavier than I am used to, it has a strong, deep scent that is earthier. When I smelt this, I thought immediately of a more masculine scent and if you prefer less flowery/fruity then this is a great one for you.

Pomegranate and black tea perfume
This is another scent that is not to my taste, it is strong, earthy and has a spicy nature to it. If you like your perfumes to be deep, dark and musky then you will like these perfumes. I will definitely still wear these perfumes, as they are not so bad that I cannot wear them, but I will not be purchasing these again. I will stick to my Mandarin and Basil perfume which is by far my favourite Primark perfume.

Eyeshadow Shields
I had to see what all the fuss was about surrounding eyeshadow shields. Are they really that good is my wiping with a baby wipe just as good a trick? Recently, many of the eyeshadows I have been using have had quite a lot of fallout which is annoying to remove. These eyeshadow shields reduce your need to clean up and also help with things like eyeliner. I always start with my eye makeup first so I think these will be good when I create dramatic looks. It also means I am not messing around with a baby wipe or having glitter from the eyeshadow mixed into my foundation/base.

Be Barefaced Night Oil

I bought this from Amazon on the recommendation of a friend of mine who is a skincare lover. I was in need of a new facial oil after I ran out of my Nspa one. I went without a facial oil for a considerable amount of time and I do believe my skin suffered due to this. I had never heard of Barefaced before and I am so glad I have found this brand, they are not only cruelty free but they are a UK based company which is an added bonus. I love this oil, I have been using it for two weeks and my skin has felt great, definitely something I would recommend.

What products have you been buying recently; do you get drawn into the same shop each time you go shopping? What have you been hauling recently; let me know any products in the comments that you love and I will check them out.

Ciao for now beauties xx

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