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Hi Beauties,

This months Look Fantastic Beauty Awakening box is so exciting! I hate to spoil the surprise but I just have to divulge! The contents are really impressive. It contains 6 high quality products and the scent when you open the box is addictive! I do love soap and I recently gave up using shower gel as I prefer soap anyway so I was chuffed to spot a lovely natural and heavenly scented soap in there. It is from Dr Botanicals and it is vegan. The bergamot and poppy seed soap has a lovely citrus scent that smells so lovely and botanical. Mmmm nice, I used it straight away this morning as I received the box yesterday and could not wait to try it. Ahh the little things in life. So nice using a new soap that smells so good. Just to let you know, I discovered the Look Fantastic Beauty subscription box last year and I love them so much that I decided to pair up with them and become an affiliate. I make a small commission if you purchase through my link – at no extra cost to you of course. This helps me to fund my obsession with this subscription box and keep these reviews coming. I only recommend products I genuinely love. Thanks in advance if you choose to subscribe. You won’t regret it!

vegan bergamot and poppy seed soap

1 Vegan Bergamot and Poppy Seed Smoothing Body Exfoliating Bar by Dr Botanicals. It is uplifting and it exfoliates and softens the skin. The poppy seeds naturally exfoliate while shea butter and macadamia oil cleanse and moisturise. It lathers up well and feels great. The scent lingers with the steam from the shower or bath and it is totally addictive. A great way to start the day feeling refreshed and revitalised. My new fave soap for sure!

Nip + Fab glycol fix cleansing padsglycolic acid cleansing pads

2 Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads. So impressed to have these as I have been wanting to try them for a while now. I have read about them in magazines and they seem to be extremely popular so I am delighted to try them out without forking out the money! Glycolic acid is great stuff, I have been using various glycolic acid products on and off and I always notice my skin looking brighter and with less redness. The reduction in my red marks was impressive after only a few uses. It resurfaces the skin and promotes cell turnover so it really is a brilliant product with great results almost immediately. This contains 10 pads which is pretty generous. It is anti-ageing, moisturising and brightening. The pads contain witch hazel which helps tone and hyaluronic acid for smoother skin. It also contains blue daisy for soothing purposes. You apply the pad all over your cleansed face, including the neck and chest area once or twice a day. Then always remember to apply an SPF 30-50 afterwards. I always use SPF 50 but I live in France so the sun can be quite strong. Be careful with that as glycolic acid can cause sun damage if you don’t wear proper sunscreen. Also apply a good moisturiser before your SPF or just use a good quality SPF moisturiser. Expect to see results in the first few days!

glamglow supermud mask sample size

3 GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment. Another top quality brand which I have been wanting to try for ages. Hearing rave reviews about this stuff all the time. They are well known for their masks and this particular one, the Supermud mask is the one that appears to be the most popular. It is especially good for problem skin prone to blemishes so if you have any pesky spots this will be ideal. A great one to have on hand should you break out. It boasts immediate results so that is always a plus! It is made with a blend of acids and oils to unclog pores and clear your skin. For normal/combination skin like mine, you put a thin layer on, avoiding the delicate eye and lip area. A mask brush is a good help if you have one but you can use your hands no problem. This is not recommended for sensitive skin types. You can always try a patch test if you have sensitive skin or else give it to someone else, who will be delighted with such a cool pressie. You can even just apply a dot of the mud mask directly to the spot for a quick spot treatment if you need. This size sample will last a long time if you just use it as a spot treatment rather than a mask but you should get at least 4 or 5 full face masks out of it. Perfect for deciding if you love it enough to buy it. Loving the April Beauty Awakening box so far!!

Emma Hardie Moringa cleansing balm sample pot  Emma Hardie Moringa cleansing balm contents

4 Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing balm. I have been hearing a lot about Moringa skin and health benefits so I was intrigued to see this as I love beauty balm, it is so luxurious and my skin adores a good balm. I have been using the Eve Lom beauty balm from the September Birthday Edit box which I bought 2 of as it was so incredibly good! I am running seriously low on that so thank you Look Fantastic, you never fail to surprise me with beautiful products I love every month! I looked up Emma Hardie online as I hadn’t heard of her yet but she is a celebrity facialist with a huge following. The Moringa cleansing balm is a cult beauty product and the whole range are suitable for all skin types. They are free from parabens, silicones, synthetic colours and fragrances, petrochemicals, mineral oil, sulphates and animal ingredients so a great natural skincare brand.

Here is how to apply – Moringa Balm should be applied directly to the skin so take a 5 pence piece-sized amount and massage into your skin in a sweeping motion. To remove, it has to be emulsified with water before removing, then soak a cleansing cloth in warm water, squeeze out the excess and gently wipe over face and neck, taking care around the delicate eye area. It can be used morning and evening as a cleanser or left on as an overnight mask. It can also be used on spots as a treatment. It is so luxurious and comforting. Your skin will thank you for this one! I can see why it is so popular. This is something I would definitely consider purchasing as I really love it. You can use it as a makeup remover as it dissolves makeup like the Eve Lom balm. It revitalises lacklustre skin and brightens while hydrating for a beautiful glow. Need I say more?

Nuxe creme fraiche moisturiser Nuxe creme fraiche moisturiser

5 Nuxe Creme Fraiche de Beauté. Yippee, yet another cult beauty product I have wanted to get my hands on since last summer but was waiting for this summer to buy the Nuxe kit. I have heard lots of rave reviews about this so I’m genuinely chuffed to find it in the Look Fantastic Beauty Awakening box. I love trying out things before I buy so actually Look Fantastic have really outdone themselves this month. They are so clued up as to what people like us want! This is an anti-pollution moisturiser which protects from toxins in the air. It melts onto your skin effortlessly and your skin just drinks it in. It protects for 48 hours apparently. Made with vegetable milks and algae extract it leaves skin supple, plump and revived. It has a nice fresh scent of freesia, orange blossom and slightly woody aromas. Apply morning and evening to the face and neck before SPF. 

PUR Fully charged mascara mini  PUR Fully charged mascara brush closeup

6 Last but not least, PUR Fully Charged Mascara. It is a new generation magnetic technology formula. The unique formula combines Magnetic Polymer Matrix that binds each lash in a positive electric charge. Sounds very futuristic! You only need to swipe your lashes once so perfect for the morning rush out the door. This mascara is a nice nice makeup product to awaken tired eyes. You place the brush at the base of the lashes then hold for a few seconds. Then wiggle the mascara wand in a zigzag fashion. You can build it up further by repeating for a more dramatic look. For bottom lashes just swipe downward. You need to take care of the brush so clean it weekly by removing excess mascara to keep it working properly. Ok so I just want to say, even though it says you only swipe once I can’t resist but keep swiping as the effect is stunning. The brush seems to catch all those little lashes that nearly always hide away. My lashes look like I have had extensions with this on. I love it! It gives a volume and thickness to the edges and lash ends which is really striking. This one is definitely a keeper. Although I would love to use it every day, I will probably wear it on nights out as I really think this is one of the best mascaras I have ever used. Highly recommend it!!

I am, as always gleaming and beaming thanks to the Look Fantastic beauty box. It costs me only £13 a month yet it is always full of top quality and expensive brands which I would never be able to try before buying otherwise. It is the best value for money subscription box on the market as far as I am concerned. I did a lot of research into finding the best one, believe me! I don’t get much of a chance to go around the beauty counters these days with 2 babies at home so really this is such a nice treat. I keep up to date with the best cult products everyone is raving about and I get to try them out for a pittance! Ladies, if you have to chose but one, choose the right one. You simply can’t go wrong with the Look Fantastic beauty subscription box. Check out last months box here. It never disappoints 🙂

The Lookfantastic Beauty Box ships worldwide so no one misses out. Sharing is caring! Click here to see the pricing options > SHOP

Lots of love and if I haven’t convinced you yet, stay tuned for next months reveal x

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  1. Katarzyna
    April 24, 2018 at 10:32 am

    Box twins! I really liked the box as well, although the sample sizes could have been a wee bigger 🙂

    • blognewser
      April 25, 2018 at 3:27 pm

      Cool, yeah that was that only downside but to be honest I don’t mind because I have so many products to get through. I will let them away with it!!! 😉

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