Spring Clean Your Life for Summer in 10 Simple Steps


Have you ever just wanted to spring clean your life for summer? Every year I feel like crap coming up to summer and I just wanted to shake off that feeling of cluttered and drab mind fog. I am usually somewhere between dying for summer to finally arrive and dreading the thought of wearing a swimsuit. I tend to pack on a few pounds over winter and assume it will just fall off in time for summer, however, I should be so lucky!

It is normal to put on weight in winter as everyone does but I find it hard to get motivated to lose it until summer actually arrives and it just goes away naturally with all the extra activity such as walking and swimming etc. in my case. The problem is that it is usually the end of summer by the time I lose the weight and then it is wooly jumper season again. Agghhhh that is so annoying, it is a vicious circle!

On top of usually feeling frumpy and unhappy with my body shape, I am usually at a crossroads in my life, thinking the year is half over and I need to get my ass in gear to fulfil whatever life goal I am working towards. Most New Years resolutions will have fallen to the wayside at that point and I will probably be feeling a bit crappy over that and the list goes on basically..

So this year I have decided that I am going to clean up my act in time for summer so that I am feeling great and ready to fully enjoy the best months of the year. Summer should really be the best time of year for me as it is when I get to be outdoors and enjoying the days more. Rather than feeling like crap this spring, I am turning over a new leaf and motivating myself to overcome this mental block and move onwards and upwards positively.

Here is my list of things to do to help spring clean your life for summer –

1 Start doing 30mins a day exercise. Even if it is only a 15 minute walk each way, make that a priority and after a week or 2, up the pace a little. Once you start doing the dreaded exercise it becomes enjoyable and you begin to feel better and fitter. The more you do, the more toned your body will be and the more feel-good endorphins you will enjoy. You will feel a proper spring in your step, especially with the winter months behind us. Spring is a beautiful time of year to be out and about!

2. Gather around a group of friends and arrange a regular coffee morning, walks, ladies nights out or a book club. Those are just a few ideas depending on what you might enjoy with your girl friends. I recently got back into reading books and I am sleeping way better at night as I’m no longer using my phone till all hours. It is a great way to wind down. I have 2 babies at homes I only get the chance at bed time but I have joined some online book clubs for some reading suggestions on Facebook. 

3. If you have kids, arrange play dates or mother and baby groups for the summer holidays in advance. With the kids being off school, everyone is in the same boat so why not let the kids play while enjoying each others adult company. This may save you from losing your mind completely! Arrange a BBQ if the Dad’s want to join in and then you will have more help with the kids. I will defo be doing this!

4. Clear out your wardrobe and switch to your summer clothes, yay! It is finally that time of year we can put away those jumpers and coats and swap for light cardi’s and dinky little jackets. If you don’t like your clothes, why not treat yourself to some new stuff? It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, you can always go to the second hand shops or even have a clothes swapping party with your pals. Chances are, they will be bored of their old stuff too and it can be fun. 

5. Give the house a good proper clean. If you haven’t got much time on your hands make a schedule to do one room at a time over the week. Get help from family if you need it. Some clutter seems to be never ending and can be a daunting task. It is easy to put it off but think how much better you will feel if you get it done. Clear your mind by de-cluttering your life!

6. Clean the car out and hoover it. We recently bought a cordless hoover which is awesome by the way! If you can’t face doing it yourself, get a valet (although they can be expensive!) but you will feel brand new stepping into a nice clean fresh smelling car every day. 

7. Buy some nice scented candles and some air purifying plants to put around the house. If you like essential oils, then consider getting a diffuser or oil burner and use summer blends to help lift your mood. The scent of summer will cheer you up and you will be feeling great in no time.

8. Once the air in your house is lovely and clean, why not clear the air with anyone who you are not feeling great around. There are usually some people in our lives that end up feeling left out for whatever reason. Reach out to them and help them feel good. You need to feel good around people to feel good in yourself. This will help clear your mind and spring clean your life.

9. Start a planner or get a filing system in order for any paperwork or work that needs doing. The more organised your paperwork and goal planning is, the more likely you are to make progress. At least you will feel like that clutter is taken care of, if nothing else. I find just knowing I have a plan and everything is in place makes me relax more.

10. Start practicing gratitude. Write down a list of things that make you happy daily such as love, life, friends, family, music, food, the smell of flowers, the summer breeze, anything you can think of and remind yourself, you have more than most people and you are lucky. The more gratitude and positivity you feel, the more you will attract.

I am sure you will be feeling the summer vibes in no time. Out with the old and in with the new. It doesn’t have to be New Years to make resolutions and we are way more likely to stick to these things half-way through the year when we need a good pep talk with ourselves!

Onwards and upwards 😉

Have a  great summer and I hope you spring clean your life if you need it like I do! Phew, that feels better.

Let me know if you try this and how it goes for you if you do x

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