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This week I am doing some hit and miss face mask reviews. I have already done my hit and miss mascara review, tried and tested primers and bronzers so this time it’s masks. I’m going to give marks out of 10 for each mask. I agree not everyone has the same skin so this is just my personal review. I have combination skin that is prone to the odd blemish here and there. In hot weather my t-zone gets oily so I prefer mud masks rather than hydrating masks but here goes anyway. There are some samples I tried that I got in my Look Fantastic subscription box and others that I bought myself and have been using for at least a month or longer.

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glamglow supermud mask sample size

Glam Glow Supermud Clearing Treatment Mask. I received this in the April Look Fantastic box and was excited to try it. Glam Glow are a very popular brand and I had heard many a rave review about this particular mask. After reading the instructions I was surprised that it is not meant for sensitive skin. This made me a little bit apprehensive about trying it as my skin sometimes reacts to various ingredients. I wouldn’t class my skin as sensitive but I decided to be careful anyway. I did a patch test just in case and it didn’t seem to irritate my skin so I went ahead and used it the next day. I left it on for around 10 minutes and washed it off with tepid water and a damp cloth. I was shocked to see my face had turned bright red! I was quite worried as I had never experienced that before. I immediately Googled it and apparently that is a common effect. Not for everyone but there were quite a few people discussing the redness online and seemed that it clears after a little while. Luckily for me I had no plans to go out straight away but it was a bit alarming to have that happen without warning. On the plus side, my skin was really clear afterwards and it seems to give a good deep clean. I would definitely use it again for that reason. However, I don’t like the redness and I’m a bit worried that the ingredients are a little harsh. I give this a 7/10.

Le Mara seaweed clay mask

Lé Mara Face Mask. This natural clay face mask is rich in organic seaweed from Galway in Ireland. It is gentle and deep cleaning and it smells quite pleasant. It is thick but you still only need a small amount and it’s easy to apply. It dries in a minute or 2 and hardens but its not uncomfortable. I normally leave it on for 10-15 mins and it is brilliant. I love using it for its skin clearing abilities. If I have a spot or 2 it works wonders to reduce any spots and give a deep cleanse. This is really cheap to buy at Aldi, Ireland. It is one of my go-to masks so I give this an 8.5/10

Nucerity skincerity roll-on mask

Nucerity Skincerity Nightly Breathable Mask. This is a roll-on mask application which I had never tried before. It has a revolutionary breathable barrier which doesn’t block the pores but creates a film which reduces wrinkles and works while you sleep. It locks in the moisture from your night time moisturiser or serum and rehydrates. It has vitamin E and grapeseed oil which are beneficial to the skin. It has medical grade acetone – not to be confused with the kind in nail varnish. It is safe for use on the skin. I was a bit put off by the strong acetone smell but actually it worked well. After a couple of weeks I noticed a reduction in fine lines! I also noticed a reduction in pores and a smoother look to my skin. This is quite an expensive potion and the smell was a little overpowering but it did produce good results. I give it 8.5/10 as it needs improvement but I genuinely think it works so may be good for prominent wrinkles.

It works face mask on hand

In Transit Camera Close-up by This Works. This mask is moisturiser and primer too. I reviewed it in the May Look Fantastic beauty box reveal. This Works are a very popular brand. I liked this mask to be honest but it’s more hydrating so probably better for drier skin types. It did sink in well and my skin felt nice after using it. Not a product I would buy for myself but not a bad product and probably good for dry skin types. 7/10 

Lovea green clay mask on hand

Lovea Green Clay Paste. This is 99% natural which I love. I adore natural skin care so this really appeals to me. I like to know that my skin is safe from toxins and harsh chemicals so I normally choose organic and natural products. This French green clay is wonderful and really helps draw out impurities and detox the skin. You leave it on for 5-10 mins and wash it off with warm water. It is really cheap to buy and comes in a huge tube so lasts ages. The only thing that annoys me is that it sometimes goes watery at the top if I haven’t used it for a while. Other than that a big thumbs up for this mask. 8/10.

renu skin gel mask on hand

Renu Flash Relax Mask. Yet another Look Fantastic beauty box sample. It is an advanced anti-ageing mask. This is meant for mature skin and I don’t have mature skin so I don’t know if I am the best person to review this mask, however it was hydrating and you massage it into the skin so I liked the ritual of the application, it was soothing. In winter I experience dry skin sometimes so I would use this for that. It proclaims to be an instant face-lift effect. I didn’t notice an instant face lift but then again I haven’t got that many wrinkles thankfully – yet! I give this a 6/10

Neal's yard wild rose balm mask

Neal’s Yard Wild Rose beauty balm. This is made with 99% organic ingredients so I don’t mind the price tag so much. It is recommended by celebrities and has won a rake-load of awards so I bought it. It has organic wild rosehip seed oil which is a top ingredient full of antioxidants. It comes in a nice glass jar with an organic muslin cloth. You leave it on for 10 mins or so then place the warm damp muslin cloth over your face to help the oils really sink in. It smells beautiful and it nourishes the skin. It has a whole range of uses from moisturiser to lip balm so it is very multifunctional. The balm melts onto the skin and it is really pamperish. I give it 8.5/10 just because of the high price.

Madara SOS mask tested on hand

Madara SOS Instant Moisture + Radiance Hydra Mask. Another organic product with 100% natural lovely ingredients like jojoba, sea buckthorn and rose water and has a nice scent. This light textured pinkish mask smells of roses and glides on easily. You only need to put on a thin layer and it works very well. My skin felt refreshed and replenished after using this. Madara are a really fab up and coming brand and I would definitely buy more from their range after trying this. I give it a 9/10.

Face Theory pink clay AHA mask

Face Theory Pink Clay AHA Mask. This French pink clay mask comes in a cute little glass tub and it has a really lovely texture to it. It has kaolin clay, vitamin C, lactic acid and crushed walnut shell. The crushed walnut exfloliates gently and it feels comforting on tired skin. I really enjoy massaging this on and it smells nice too. It feels luxurious and has everything I want in a mask. I love this mask and would highly recommend it. 10/10

So those are my hit and miss face mask reviews. Have you tried any of these? Let me know in the comments! 

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Here are my hit and miss tried and tested facemasks. I have tried many and varied masks over the last year. Some samples from beauty boxes and ones i bought


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