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Hello world, it’s your girl Ray from IndustryMe here, to tell you all about my favourite restaurant interiors this season. While I am by no means an expert or an interior designer I do have an eye for detail and things that work well together; or so I’m told. Okay so with the disclaimer out of the way, you are probably wondering how someone like me, a music blogger by trade and foodie by nature, ends up with an interest in interior design.  

Well this season I have spent my time attending a range of events, including the London Design Fair, where I got the opportunity to speak to some of the world’s budding designers. Doing so has opened my eyes to a whole new world and today I hope to share a piece of that with you.

This post combines my love of food with my new-found passion for interiors. So, without further ado I present to you my favourite restaurant designs of 2017.

1.Rosa Thai

In at number one is Rosa Thai. As the name would suggest the Rosa Thai Cafe franchise serves Thai food and as expected there are subtle nods towards the restaurants southeast Asian heritage within its decor. This is particularly seen in the lighting which holds true to the traditional circular shape commonly found in Asian interiors.

With that being said the remainder of the restaurants design steps away from the traditional golds and metallics, moving towards a more minimalist approach.

Trading in the floral for stripes Rosa Thai delivers the southern Asian flavour with an urban twist, a somewhat refreshing change from the usual.

While its Asian influences are undeniable you can’t help but notice the sprinkles of British culture.

What I found particularly unusual was the use of cool colours particularly the blues which made for a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. This was the ideal spot for a lunchtime get away and made for a wonderful hour of calm in the middle of a busy day.



2.Cosy Club

For all those who love settings with a historic feel that transports you to another time, the Cosy Club is the ideal spot. It does exactly what is says on the tin. The sofa chairs create that Cosy family friendly ambiance. While the vintage furniture points to the restaurants 1930s influences, along with its exquisite oil paintings.

The flags and bar stools give the place that added modern touch, bringing you the best of both worlds.

In my opinion the restaurant’s aesthetic dips its toes in waters of maximalism but doesn’t quite cross that line.

The interior remains quirky without leaping to far outside of the box. My favourite of the Cosy clubs would have to be Exeter. That lighting is truly beautiful and creates has an effortless old age flair.




3.Slug and Lettuce

Dont worry minimalists, I have something for you too. While I’d be lying if I said slug and lettuce panders exclusively to those with simpler tastes, it certainty adheres to the more classic and traditional depictions of bar and restaurant culture.

Quite similarly to the Cosy Club the Slug and lettuce interiors also vary depending on location. With that being said for the most part, less is definitely more. It is abundantly clear that the atmosphere is one which is more suited to adults. one thing that is consistent is across all the restaurants that I have seen is the modern lighting. The use of creativity shaped lights adds a light-hearted touch to the decor adding the fun factor without being cheesy.




4.Ethos Foods

Ethos foods was another pleasant surprise on my list. I’ll admit I was a little sceptical when I first heard about this restaurant, but my apprehension was put to rest as soon as I walked in. I fell in love with the decor almost instantly.

Classy simplicity at its finest is the best way I can describe Ethos Foods. But what I really loved here was the use of florals, low hanging lights and rounded tables. That upmarket interior without the uptight feeling. That ideal contrast of cool colours with the warm browns giving customers that high-quality standard whilst being equally welcoming feeling. Every customer will leave feeling like they got great value for money, and who wouldn’t want that?




5.Hubbard and Bell

Hubbard & Bell is a cafe, bar and grill based in Central London. It was clear from the interior that they this company takes branding very seriously with the restaurant’s colour scheme mirroring that of its logo.

The use of white created a natural openness, cleverly making the restaurant appear bigger than it was. It’s patterned floor was a nice touch giving the place a very playful feeling, perfectly coupled with the yellow of the comfy sofas emanating light and positivity around the room.

It seems that this restaurant had all bases covered with the soft wall lighting creating a nice backdrop for those who required a more intimate setting.




6.Turtle Bay

Last but by no means least is Turtle bay.

Now Turtle Bay was a restaurant that came highly recommend by all my friends. Naturally I had high exceptions and when I visited their branch in Brixton I was not disappointed – in fact I was blown away.

I often find that attempts to capture my culture feel forced, so the real beauty in the interior here is that is effortlessly authentic and offers a true representation of Caribbean culture.

I was instantly transported to the shop my aunt used to own back in the Caribbean, that happy vibe, chilled relaxed community feeling. Deck chairs, splashes of colour, and metallics to remind me of the sun and sand. I was momentarily whisked away to another place. 

Whatever your preference each of these places had a unique, beautiful and well thought out interior. If I left you wanting to check out at least one of these restaurants that’s good enough for me. 

Rachel Sanguinetti, better known as Ray Sang, is London Based Creative Industry blogger and Founder of IndustryMe – a platform dedicated to providing a voice for upcoming musicians and creatives. ‪With her usp being inclusivity, she is all about celebrating those who push boundaries and step away from the mainstream.
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