Confidence is Relaxation. It is That Simple!


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Hi Everyone,

Today I’m talking about self confidence and how important it is. People who lack confidence often hold themselves back from living their dreams. I know because I used to have bad self-esteem and a low opinion of myself. That was a long time ago, before I found out that confidence comes from within. Confidence is relaxation. It is that simple!

I always assumed that confidence was something to be attained from others. I would put myself down by mentally berating myself on a daily basis, subconsciously. The sad thing about it was that I was basically mentally sabbotaging myself the whole time. Luckily I managed to learn and grow stronger by turning my thought pattern around.

The saying “You are what you think” resonates with me a lot. Your thoughts become your universe. You have anywhere between 12,000 – 60,000 thoughts per day. Science shows that alarmingly, they are mostly the same thoughts as the day before! Being creatures of habit, we often go over things again and again. Eventually you can convince yourself of something, whether it is true or not!

As strange and unbelievable as it sounds, Quantum Physics is at work. The Law of Attraction is an ancient principle which many people still live by to this day. Some will scoff at the idea that we can create unlimited success and wealth, health and happiness by just training our minds to believe it. Others will nod in agreement. I can tell you the ones who understand are the ones who truly believe in those principles. The ones who use the power of their mind daily, to their benefit.

Like everything, the people who are sceptical are often closed to the idea that we can have infinite riches, success, happiness, love and more. The idea of being able to create those things in our minds is absurd to some people. This is understandable as the brain works in conflicting ways. Our minds are conditioned from a young age to believe whatever it is we are taught to be logical. If we are told a thing so many times over, we believe it. It is then difficult to remove that belief. Similar to making us believe, it takes many reassurances to make that belief unreal again.

When someone tells us we are not eligible or unworthy of whatever it is we want, we process that and begin to believe it, over time. It is the same as telling ourselves those negative affirmations, over and over again. We’re making ourselves mentally unworthy, therefore sabotaging our possibilities.

The mind is our most powerful asset. Our intelligence is infinite. When we begin to convince ourselves that we are not good enough or not able, we start to convince our brains – basically ourselves – that it is so. This is where negative thinking creates a lack of self confidence and eventually results in low self esteem. Sadly, it is not always our fault. Sometimes it is due to being talked down to, ridiculed and made to feel inferior by other negative people or circumstances.

Here is a little gem of knowledge to help you overcome a lack of self confidence quickly.

“Confidence is Relaxation” It is that simple.

newborn baby asleep in a basket of wool
How completely relaxed is this newborn baby asleep in a basket of wool?


We all experience knocks to our self confidence as part of life. It is more about picking yourself up, dusting yourself off and putting your best foot forward again. It is like they say, “If you fall off the horse, get straight back on again” otherwise you may lose your confidence and never get back on! The power of the mind is limitless.

You need to stop talking negatively and putting yourself down. Use your strengths and focus on facing your fears to better yourself. The best way to get over your psychological fears is to tackle them head on. It may seem ridiculously scary but that is normal! How amazing is that feeling when you overcome your fear and it is no longer a fear anymore? That is true accomplishment. The more fears you tackle, the more confident you become.

Your conscious mind is your place of caution, judgement and rationality. Your subconscious mind is the part of your brain that acts on impulse, such as confidently jumping in the water. Your conscious mind will automatically weigh up the pros and cons – like how cold is it?, how will it affect my body? Is it safe? and so on…. You get the gist. The main trick is to tap into your subconscious mind and convince the conscious mind that those fears you have are unfounded. The conscious mind stops you from making life threatening errors of judgement such as jumping off a cliff! Each process is intricately programmed to help us survive as humans. As much as we hate fear, it is there for a very good reason. Survival. Let’s embrace our fears and overcome those that hold us back!

Finally getting to the main point of this article. Confidence is relaxation. Plain and simple! I know that may seem hard to believe but actually it was pointed out to me in a hypnosis download! A few years back I was still a shy person who felt insecure and unworthy. When I finally got my mind around the fact that we need to RELAX to feel confident, it changed my world completely. Every time I felt anxious or insecure, I would automatically think to myself “confidence is relaxation” and then I would think myself relaxed! Crazy as it may sound, I became increasingly confident and basically unstoppable.

People were remarking how confident I was, even saying ‘I love how you are so confident’ and ‘I wish I had your confidence’. I was even surprised myself. I was at the same time practicing the Law of Attraction and positivity. I was telling myself I was confident, fearless and living a completely fulfilling life. Let me be living proof to you that if you can relax, believe that your life is fulfilling and you can achieve your dreams, it WILL happen! 

Give it a try for yourself. If it isn’t working for you, try the confidence hypnosis downloads for MP3 online. It takes effort but eventually the positive thoughts outnumber the negatives and your confidence will soar! That is my advice to you if you need to work on your confidence and self-esteem. It really worked for me so I decided to share my story in order to help others do the same.

Just remember this whenever you are feeling a lack of confidence or feeling anxious. “Confidence is relaxation”. It is that simple. Remind yourself of that repeatedly. If you need to picture something calming, think of that baby in the basket of wool! We are all born the same and we are all equal.

Just relax. Breathe.

Whatever it is, you can do it! Never underestimate the infinite power of your mind.

You are a human powerhouse. Now go and face your fears! Live your dream. What are you waiting for?

Today I'm talking about self confidence and how important it is. People who lack confidence often hold themselves back from living their dreams. I know because I used to have bad self-esteem and a low opinion of myself. That was a long time ago, before I found out that confidence comes from within. Confidence is relaxation, it is that simple!

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